Are Personalised Pyjamas More Expensive Than Regular Pyjamas?

Amber Maudsley

Posted on March 07 2023

Are Personalised Pyjamas More Expensive Than Regular Pyjamas?


No matter who we buy for, whether it’s ourselves or a gift for someone we love, finding the best thing can be challenging. There’s a lot of times that we buy things and, in the end, we’re not always fully satisfied. Especially when it comes to gift-giving, as well.

That’s where Lulabay’s range comes in. Everyone loves a nice pair of pyjamas. Or at least, almost everyone. And to make them better, our pyjamas are personalised specifically to you or who you’re buying them for. We have multiple ranges available, for all kinds – women, men, and children. That includes babies, too.

But many people tend to move away from personalised items because of the stereotype that they’re much more expensive than regular items. That’s not necessarily true, which is why we want to talk about it in this blog.

The Difference Between Personalisation and Customisation

Though both terms are used, sometimes interchangeably, by business marketers trying to capture customers’ attention, there is a little bit of difference between them.

Personalisation is when a product is created or, often times, modified to meet an individual’s needs. This is usually just small things like requesting an item to have a name on it, a small message, or an image. Think store-bought birthday cakes in which a name is added on top with icing. That’s personalisation. It’s a small touch that just gives it belonging.

Customisation, on the other hand, is when the item is altered quite a lot. A customer will manually make changes to the item so that it fits their needs. This could be changing the colour or style of said item, requesting specific fonts when writing.

Basically, the difference between the two is that personalisation is controlled by the company and a customer has no conscious input whereas customisation is the opposite. It requires the user to provide conscious input, effort, and they have control throughout the process.

Why Are Personalised or Customised Pieces Often More Expensive?

While it is stereotypical that personalised items are so expensive that they’re both unattainable and unaffordable, that doesn’t mean that they’re not slightly more expensive. But it really is only slightly. In fact, plenty of times they’re similar if not sharing prices with non-personalised pyjamas sold in retail stores.

The basis of it, though, is this: anything that is personalised or customised is made bespoke, just for you. So it can take longer. Especially custom pieces. They take time to plan, design, and then create. And even then, sometimes it’s still not perfect and more work has to be done.

When it comes to personalised items, they’re usually cheaper than custom ones. This is because the actual design isn’t being changed, usually just something being added. For our pyjamas, we add names. It might sound small, but it’s still extra time and work that goes into just that single project.

However, at Lulabay we don’t charge anything for your personalisation. You’re only paying for the product, the personalisation we add for you is just that. For You.

Are Personalised Items Better?

There’s just something a little different about personalised products. Something that gives them a bit of an edge, something we love just a little bit more about them. They’re special because they can only belong to you.


Rather than just choosing a pair of pyjamas we like in store and buying them, purchasing personalised pairs gives us more control. In the end, it all depends on our opinion. Our choice is final. So even though they’re tailored to you, that bit of control you have in the process makes it feel just a little more so.

That’s the trick of it, really. Personalisation doesn’t actually give you any control – you’re not changing the material, colour, or style of the product. You’re just asking for an added personalisation but that’s what makes the difference.


The personal connection to an item personalised just for you means that you react more positively towards that item. Furthermore, if it’s a gift, the connection to it also reminds you of the person who gifted it and leads to a more emotional attachment. It makes people feel cared for and remembered.


As gifts, you’re more likely to form a connection with a personalised item because of the nature of obtaining it. Unlike purchasing regular products, a personalised item is something you have to actively search for. They’re located very thoughtfully, in that sense.

Because you’ve put in effort to attempt and find a gift that means just a little bit more.

Lulabay’s Personalised Pyjamas

We have the perfect personalised pyjamas in stock, whether you’re buying for yourself, your family, or a friend!

At Lulabay, the pyjamas are only part of the set. As well as pj’s, we offer dressing gowns and slippers, even toys and accessories for children and babies. Plus, we have bedding and blankets available! If you want to know more about the products we offer and our personalisation’s, get in touch with us today!

Send us a message via and we’ll aim to respond as soon as possible. Oh, while we’ve got you… Why not have a quick scroll through our sale section? You might find some nightwear you really fancy there, all at a discounted price!

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