Birthday Gift Ideas For Men

Amber Maudsley

Posted on March 31 2023

Birthday Gift Ideas For Men


Sometimes there’s nothing worse than choosing a birthday gift, particularly when they’re for the men in our lives. Mothers and sisters? Honestly not a problem – so easy! But men… Men! Why is it so difficult to buy for them?

Luckily for you, though, we’ve compiled a list of products that would make for the perfect birthday gift. How many of these have you already thought of?

Men’s Birthday Gift Ideas

Personalised PJ’s or Dressing Gown

Kicking off this list, we’re making it personal.

Who doesn’t love anything to do with night time? Slippers, the cosy socks, blankets and dressing gowns, switching out our loungewear for pyjamas… A really great feeling, especially at the end of a long day.

Now switch out those regular pyjamas for a nice, new, gifted pair of personalised pyjamas. They’re basically perfect for anyone; your dad, brother, boyfriend. Perhaps you can sweeten a gift of personalised pyjama’s or a personalised dressing gown to your partner by having your own matching ones.

His and Hers PJ’s – how sweet!

And fortunately for you, you needn’t look any further than Lulabay. The home of luxury, personalised gifts.

Sprays and Perfumes

Speaking of luxury, sprays and perfumes make great gifts for men.

When we go out, we like to dress ourselves up and make sure that we not only look good but smell good, too. A pleasant smell can make a really good impression and when we feel good, our confidence is boosted.

Gifting a perfume can actually be very special. To a family member, you may just be helping them stock up on their favourite smell. But to a partner or a friend, it shows that you’ve taken in the things that they liked, remembered, and presented them with it as a gift.


There’s no accessory more fashionable than a scarf. Well, maybe a bag. Or jewellery. Or a hat. Anyway, scarves make such a great gift for any man in your life. They can be a fashion statement for those trend-setters in your life, or they can just be good neck warmers for the winter.

Grandads in particular may be quite partial to a scarf as a gift. Unfortunately we age and as we age, we can be more susceptible to the more extreme temperatures. Gifting a scarf to an older person in your life can just be a way to show them that you care about them.

Grooming Kit

A grooming kit is a lovely way to show your appreciation and make sure that the receiver can stay well-groomed and feeling confident. It also adds a greater sense of occasion compared to just simply gifting them a moisturiser or a shaving cream.

Grooming kits give them an entire routine, multi-step and all, and it takes away the pain of knowing what products can or can’t mix. Instead, it’s done for them.

One of the best things about grooming kits as well is that there are different kinds. You can get a set that focuses just on face, containing the wash, moisturiser, and shaving foam. Or you can go specific and buy beard grooming kits which often include beard combs, trimmers, and beard oils.

Maintaining your hygiene daily is important and this type of gift is perfect for helping with that.

A Wallet

Where does a man keep everything? In his wallet, most likely. Wallets are functional, and stylish and one of the most useful accessories on the market for men. They’re used very frequently throughout the day so picking out a wallet is important.

Interestingly, gifting a wallet can go deeper than being just a token of your love. In many cultures, wallets symbolise good things: prosperity, good luck, wealth. And that’s very fitting considering it is the hub for anything money related. (It’s also great for business cards.)

Great for family members, partners, and work colleagues, gifting a wallet symbolises good fortune and demonstrates your appreciation of them. Whether it’s in your life as family, a lover, or as a work colleague.


Rounding up this list, we’ve decided to include socks because they really are perfect. At any time of the year, too. Spring, summer, autumn, winter. You can even gift somebody themed socks if their birthday is close to any holidays like Christmas or New Years.

And if their birthday isn’t near a holiday? Doesn’t matter. You don’t have to give thematic presents, socks always work. Plus, they’re so diverse that you could match them perfectly to the receiver’s personality. Sophisticated and plain, bold and graphic, colourful and patterned. The list honestly goes on and on and on.

Socks are a thoughtful gift, no matter what anyone says. They are practical and most of us wear socks every single day.


Okay, just as we were rounding off the list with socks we realised… something sweet is missing. It doesn’t have to be chocolate, not everyone’s a fan (which is crazy!). Some sweet tooths out there prefer sweets, maybe even sour sweets. Not to mention sweet pastries.

There really is no sweeter way to express warm feelings like gratitude or love than through a bar of chocolate. Or truffles. Maybe chocolate bites. Nibbles? The point is, there’s something for everyone whether it’s chocolate or not and it will surely get the message across that you love them very dearly.

Personalised Gifts with Lulabay

Whoever you’re buying a gift for, Lulabay has something for everyone.

Plus, our personalised pyjamas are the most beloved product on our site. But if you want to go the full mile, you can get your personalised dressing gowns with us, too. The perfect gift set for a lover of nights in. Maybe we can interest you in our blankets.

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