What Are The Best Women’s Dressing Gown Styles?

Amber Maudsley

Posted on April 06 2023

What Are The Best Women’s Dressing Gown Styles?


Dressing gowns, house coats (now that’s a debate!) Whatever it is you call them, here at Lulabay we have something for everybody! Whether it be to wear around the house on a cold day, to slip into before you go to bed, or to get ready in early morning, dressing gowns are a much loved staple to so many people’s nightwear wardrobe, but there are so many styles to choose from!

This Lulabay blog aims to dive into women’s dressing gown styles and help you decide which is the best style for you, or that special lady in your life.

A trusty, year round staple, dressing gowns make the perfect gift. With comfort and style wrapped into one, we can only compare a dressing gown to a warm hug in clothing form. They are such a loved piece of clothing and as a result, in recent years, more and more styles have emerged! 

We believe there isn’t much that is better than spending your days on the sofa, wrapped up in fleecy, fluffy material with your snacks and drinks of choice. That being said, a lighter robe to throw on during the summer months is also up there with our favourite feelings!

The right robe for you will see you from the cold, bitter evenings to the bright, airy summer mornings.

Let us explore the styles we offer here at Lulabay and answer the question so many people ask - what are the best women’s dressing gown styles?

Women’s Dressing Gown Styles

Dressing gowns can be seen on everyone, whether it’s a baby, a teenage boy, or a grandfather! Women’s dressing gowns however have seemed to have gained popularity hugely over recent years. Snuggled up on Mother’s Day morning or getting ready with bridesmaids in matching silk robes, women’s dressing gown styles have evolved greatly. But what are the different styles?

Hooded Plush Dressing Gown

Let’s start with the classic, the staple - a warm, fleece dressing gown. Our hooded plush dressing gowns are perfect for lazy Sundays and cold mornings. Made from super soft fleece, with a self-fabric waist tie around the waist, there is no wonder why this is one of our best sellers at Lulabay. 

What makes our’s extra special? They of course come with free personalisation - offering that warm hug in clothing form, with an extra special personal touch.

Satin Robe

Looking for comfort but with an extra side of class and sophistication? The satin side slit lace robe is the dressing gown for you! This type of robe alludes to luxury, but at Lulabay, it comes without the hefty price tag. A firm favourite amongst brides and bridesmaids to be, this style dressing gown is a beautiful added detail for your wedding morning. Also coming with free personalisation it can make a beautiful gift.

Oversized Plush Hoodie

Newer in style, the oversized plush hoodie has become a firm favourite for all types of age ranges and genders, including women. Featuring a snug, borg lining to the hood and a kangaroo pocket to the front, the plush hoodie is not only comfortable but extremely practical.

What Makes A Good Women’s Dressing Gown?

When deciding what dressing gown is best for you, or your favourite women, it comes completely down to personal preference, in the same way, that styles of clothes, bags and shoes do. But we have a checklist for you when trying to choose the best dressing gown that will last you year round.

Here are the key things you need to consider when deciding which is the right dressing gown for you.

  • Budget
  • Quality
  • Style
  • Comfort

Some ladies would get too hot in a plush, fluffy dressing - that's where our silk robe comes in handy! Others would rather not have a tie waist - so go for the oversized hoodie!

Luckily, Lulabay has got things covered, offering a range of beautiful styles, with beautiful quality at a fraction of the price of many high street and designer stores! Whatever Women's dressing gown styles you are after, we guarantee we have something to please everyone!

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Whilst you're here, why not check out our sale range where you can shop some beautiful discounted dressing gowns and nightwear pieces for the whole family!


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