Personalised Gifts For Mother’s Day

Amber Maudsley

Posted on March 16 2023

Mother's Day Gift

Mother’s Day is right on our doorstep (Sunday 19th March), and we have some beautiful gift ideas for you! Calling all those panic buyers, last minute shoppers and gift worriers - have no fear. We have so many beautiful options here at Lulabay that would make the perfect Mother’s Day gifts. This year, let’s veer away from the standard gift of flowers or chocolates and why not give your Mum the gift they deserve - a beautiful, timeless gift, with a personal touch?

This Lulabay blog is going to be your perfect gift guide! Here, we aim to advise you which personalised gifts we think would be perfect for Mother’s Day this year.

The Beauty Of Personalised Gifts

Personalised gifts go that one step further for so many different reasons, and what better time to step out of the box than on Mother’s Day? Sure, it’s the thought that counts when it comes to gift giving, so why not really put some thought into your present buying and create a beautiful gift, that is personal to them?

Personalised gifts are no doubt, beautiful, but what makes them extra special? We believe that adding a personal touch to your gift, whatever it may be, instantly transforms the gift into a sentimental, timeless and relationship enriching gesture. Gifting somebody with something that has been personalised to them is no doubt going to make them feel extra special. That’s why we believe that personalised gifts are the way to go when it comes to your loved ones. What shows appreciation more than a gift that has been well thought out and picked especially for them?

The Importance Of Mother’s Day

Whether it be Christmas, Valentine's Day or a special birthday, personalised gifts add that special touch to every occasion - but why is Mother’s Day specifically important? For many families, a mother is at the crux of the family unit, giving life, and offering love. There are so many people that want to go above and beyond to show their mothers the appreciation they deserve, and at Lulabay, we have given you a way to! With the extra bonus of not breaking the bank!

Personalised Pyjamas For Mother’s Day

The perfect gift for so many mothers is relaxation! They really don’t get it much! At Lulabay, we have a wide range of pyjamas, loungewear and nightwear that you can personalise - we just know your Mum will love them!

Lulabay is the home of premium personalised nightwear, including women's pyjama sets and dressing gowns in a range of styles and colours. Our collection of customisable women's pyjama sets make an incredible gift for your Mother this Mother’s Day.

Is your Mum into pyjamas? We have a wide range of personalised pyjamas on offer at Lulabay, from short to long sets, from leopard print to blush pink. Or how about a cosy dressing gown or robe with their initials embroidered on it?

If you really want to go that extra mile, we even have gift sets complete with a robe and slippers that would make the perfect ‘night in’ attire for your Mum when she puts her feet up and relaxes on Mother’s Day.

You can shop our range of personalised nightwear here.

Maybe your Mum would prefer something for the home? Did you know at Lulabay we source a variety of personalised homeware from bedding to towels?

If you would like to find the perfect gift to give that personal touch to your Mother’s home, shop here.

Whatever her favourite colour is, whatever her style, we assure that Lulabay can offer the perfect Mother’s Day gift for the special lady in your life.

Get In Touch

It’s one thing gifting a beautiful set of pyjamas or a cosy blanket for Mother’s Day but adding that personal touch really does make it a special and sentimental gift - and at Lulabay, that extra special personalisation is absolutely FREE!

If you think your Mum would love one of our personalised pyjama gift sets as much as we think she will - shop our range today. We also offer personalised gifts for men, children and even babies!

If you would like to know more about what we offer or need help with an order, drop us a line at

To all Mother’s - Happy Mother’s Day!

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